So long and thanks for all the fish (Douglas Adams).

There doesn't seem to be much use for continuing to host this collection, so effective Thanksgiving Day, 2012, the site is offline.

There was a time when this site was thriving, but all good things must come to an end.

Please note that the OS/2 Warp News and Rumors site has moved to a new home:

Pete Norloff
November 22, 2012
Inquiries and salutations may be sent to "pete" at this domain.

UPDATE: November, 2014

I have packaged all of the BBS files in ZIP files and can make them available to you on request via FTP. Please send me an email that includes the IP address you'll be transferring from and I'll set you up. (You'll need to respond to a spam-blocking filter to get the email delivered, sorry about that.) The complete file collection of 21,200 files is about 10 GB in size, stored in 48 zip files.

UPDATE: September 2, 2016

For OS/2 and eCS, there is an active international collaborative community at:

Roatan Guide

Slightly off-topic here, but if you find yourself cruising or flying to the beautiful island of Roatan, Honduras, you will have the best possible experience if you have your own personal guide to take you around the island, lead you to the activities, and help you choose the best way to spend your precious time there.

Contact Carland Levy via his web site here: Roatan Guide

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